3.8k How to be a speaker and moderator on Clubhouse

How to be a speaker and moderator on Clubhouse

You have already entered the Clubhouse, found your friends, favorite bloggers, and opinion leaders. You go through the rooms – a kind of “halls” with speakers and invisible controllers backstage. Listen to discussions on any topic you can find. But what if you want to be not just a listener and gather like-minded people?

We will tell you how to become a speaker and moderator on Clubhouse – an orator who broadcasts from an audio tribune or a room watchman.

How to Be a Speaker on Clubhouse?

How to be a speaker and moderator on ClubhouseUsers in the rooms can give their opinions. To become a speaker on Clubhouse you need to stay in the room and tap on the “hand” – hand-raising. This is how permission is requested to access the microphone. The room watchman, the moderator, decides whether to give you the floor or not. Sometimes the room members invite users to the microphone.
With the right to speak, you move to the top of the list in the conversation. And a green bar appears at the top of the display. It serves as a signal to speak. Then you can tap on the microphone in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to Be a Moderator on Clubhouse?

For those who want to go further and control the conversation, we’ll tell how to become a Clubhouse moderator. This way is even easier – create a room or club. Moderation of the new social platform is organized by the users themselves.

How to be a speaker and moderator on ClubhouseThe position of a moderator implies duties and powers, among which:

  • announcing the topic and steering the discussion in the right direction;
  • inviting someone from the audience to speak;
  • accepting or rejecting requests to speak;
  • promoting the audience to perform the function of moderation;
  • turn on or off the hand-raising function to anyone present;
  • mute and unmute microphones;
  • remove a user from the room.

Each of the participants can complain about the interlocutor violating the rules of the platform. It is the moderator’s responsibility to find out the reasons and make a decision.

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