816 How Elon Musk Made Clubhouse the Next Big Thing and Then Broke It (a Little)

How Elon Musk Made Clubhouse the Next Big Thing and Then Broke It (a Little)

Clubhouse is a unique social app where users who have something to say can have conversations on interesting topics, while listeners can hear them talk live, as if it was a conference call. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and the driving force behind such projects as SpaceEx and Neuralink, sure has something to say, that’s why earlier this month he hosted a conversation in one of the app’s rooms. Before coming on, he announced it on Twitter to his millions of followers, so as soon as the conversation started, the room was flooded with thousands of listeners, and the limit of simultaneous users was reached almost immediately. Thankfully, Clubhouse was able to withstand the hug of death, and Musk talked for over an hour about his projects and, of course, the future of humanity without any issue.

It is worth mentioning, that according to Clubhouse’s rules, recording is prohibited: the point is to have a semi-private conversation in a public internet space, without having to worry about the unedited and unrestricted format of the discussion later. In the case of Musk’s interview, however, an exception was made, because of how many people were interested in hearing him talk. The screen recording of the interview was uploaded to YouTube, where it can be seen in the context of the app.

Needless to say, such a big name attracted millions of potential users, and soon many other celebrities followed suit. As a result, many are expecting more exciting news about Clubhouse in the nearest future.

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