1k How to Join Clubhouse Without Invite

How to Join Clubhouse Without Invite

The Clubhouse craze is still going strong, and people from all over the world keep joining the network or at least looking for ways to do so. Part of the hype is due to the invite-only restriction: new users can only join after getting invited by an existing member of the app. How do you get such an invitation? Is there a way to join Clubhouse without invite? Let’s try to answer these questions one by one.

The Long Wait

So, if any Clubhouse user can invite new members, what’s the holdup? Why hasn’t everyone gotten their invite at this point? The reason is simple: when you join, you only get 2 invite codes to share, so you have to be selective about who you send them to.

Clearly, the demand for invites is currently much higher than organic sharing can satisfy, so some people even began to sell their codes. The prices can be absurdly high, and even then, there is a strong possibility of getting scammed as a result of dealing with unfamiliar users. Is buying your way in even worth the risk? In most cases the answer is no, especially considering the fact that many people have already been able to secure their Clubhouse invite free of charge.

Using the Clubhouse App Without Invite

Let’s say you do know an active member of Clubhouse, but they have already given both of their invite codes to someone else. If that’s the case, they can still help you: as long as your phone number is in their contact list, they can invite you through the app without any codes.

There are several ways of joining Clubhouse, even if you don’t know anyone who already uses the app. The first one requires you to explore the world wide web and search for communities dedicated to free invites to Clubhouse. Believe it or not, there are people out there whose friends and family are not interested in joining the app – if that’s the case, why not share the extra invites with strangers? Other users simply give their invites away for karma or other points that any particular platform uses. You can always try sending someone a personal message, and they might be gracious enough to help you out.

Paying Someone to Join Clubhouse Without Invite

As you already know, there are ways of buying invite codes from users who decided to use the current shortage for monetary gain. The invite market can be pretty unpredictable, with offers ranging from $50 to $1000 and sometimes even more. Sellers can be found on other social media, in groups, and on chats dedicated to Clubhouse.

If you decide to go this route, just make sure to verify that the seller is trustworthy. If their profile is new, has no reviews, likes, or karma, there is a possibility that they will just take your money, and never contact you again. Other than that, this is probably the quickest way in.

Why You Should Register Anyway

What if none of the methods listed above worked for you? It is still recommended that you register on Clubhouse for one simple reason: you will claim a unique username. The platform is growing rapidly, and the earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get a nice and clean-looking profile name, instead of a mishmash of random letters and numbers. Sure, you won’t be able to actually use the app, but as soon as you are invited, or when the invite system is dropped altogether, you will have yourself an elegant username.

How to Register on Clubhouse Without Invite

The registration process is relatively straightforward. First of all, keep in mind that at the moment only iPhone users can download the official app. Once you’ve installed it, input your phone number, and the desired username. Additionally, you can link your Twitter and other social media accounts. It is also a good idea to check your contact list – perhaps, some of your acquaintances are already on the platform.

There are many ways to join Clubhouse. Some of them take longer, some are instantaneous; some require a lot of effort, while others are much simpler. What method you chose is completely up to you, just keep in mind that the early days of new social networks can be pretty exciting. If you’re not in any hurry to join, you can definitely take your time, though. Good luck!

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