983 Is the Clubhouse App iOS Only?

Is the Clubhouse App iOS Only?

Clubhouse is an invite-only social media app based on audio chats, interesting conversations, and live podcast-like interviews. Currently, it’s exclusive in the sense that you need to be invited to join. And, apparently, it is only available on iPhones and iOS devices? Read on to learn more.

Clubhouse Android App

The invite system aside, there is another layer of exclusivity. At this moment, the app is only available on iOS, so Android smartphone owners will not be able to enjoy its features. As for the iPhones, any device with the iOS version 13, or newer, will be able to run the Clubhouse app with no issues.
What about Android users? Will they not be able to sign up at all? Given the popularity of the app, and how rapidly it is growing, we are very likely to see an Android version of Clubhouse in the nearest future. Although even the original app is still in beta, the founders would be missing out on a huge chunk of the population from all over the globe, if they didn’t implement an app for other devices, rather than iOS.

Fake Clubhouse App for Android

In times like these, users need to be especially careful not to fall prey to all kinds of scammers riding the wave of someone else’s success. If you search for Clubhouse on Google Play, you might actually get some results resembling the app you’re looking for. Don’t get your hopes up: currently, these are either apps with similar names, or clones specifically designed to trick you into installing them on your phone.

If you can’t wait to use the Clubhouse app on Android, be patient, and use your best judgment when downloading any software. Make sure to check the name of the developer and look at the reviews. Or better yet, keep following our blog. When the real Clubhouse for Android-devices will become available, we will definitely post an update, so watch out for that!

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