825 Twitter Spaces Challenges Clubhouse

Twitter Spaces Challenges Clubhouse by Copying Key Features of the Audio Chat Pioneer

The popularity of the Clubhouse app, where regular users participate in conversations with celebrities, caught the attention of several well-established social networks. Many of them are planning on implementing similar functions on their platforms. Facebook has already confirmed that such features are already in the works, while Twitter keeps pushing the development of its Spaces project by inviting more users to test the new means of voice communication.

Last week the company has implemented several interface improvements by adding a panel displaying all the speakers and listeners in the room, as well updated role indicators, which help better distinguish between different types of users. Initially, you could only see the overall number of members in the room, but now you can see the full list of their profiles.

The new feature can be accessed by tapping the ‘Guest management’ button to see all the room’s guests divided into groups according to their roles: Speakers, Listeners, and Requests (people waiting to join). Thanks to all that, the administrators will have an easier time managing the room and a better understanding of its current state at any given time.

The added features are a result of the feedback provided by the users, who have already gotten access to Spaces. Currently, Twitter’s main advantage over Clubhouse is a much wider audience. At the same time, the new social network has the allure of novelty and the underdog status going for it. Will the Elon-effect be enough to withstand the onslaught of Twitter, Facebook, and other competitors? Only time will tell.

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