865 Number of Clubhouse Users Goes Over 8 Million

Number of Clubhouse Users Goes Over 8 Million

Thanks to all the buzz surrounding Clubhouse, the number of its users continues to grow at an incredible rate. The idea of online audio chats tailored to your interests and sometimes featuring professionals, important personalities, and celebrities, turned out to be extremely popular. So much so, that other social networks decided to jump on the bandwagon: Twitter’s Spaces is almost ready to be rolled out, and Facebook is working on something similar too. However, Clubhouse still has that allure of ingenuity on its side, as well as the exclusivity of its iOS-oriented (for now), invite-only (until it’s out of beta) approach.

According to data provided by appannie.com, the Clubhouse app has already been downloaded over 8.1 million times, more than doubling the number of users it had just two weeks ago. If this trend continues, the network will have a real chance to stay afloat and secure a place for itself in the saturated market. That is if its creators play their cards right.

There are several reasons for Clubhouse becoming so popular so quickly. First, the pandemic intensified the need for alternative ways of connecting to other human beings. At the same time, communities of people interacting via audio chats on such a scale create an opportunity to have much deeper and meaningful conversations than the ones taking place on Twitter, for example. It is also important to acknowledge, that the network wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the Elon-effect. Because of all the attention Musk brought to the platform by talking to the CEO of Robinhood about GameStop, and later inviting Vladimir Putin to have a live chat, the number of downloads skyrocketed in a matter of days.

As soon as the app becomes available on Android, and stops being invite-only, we are likely to see another surge of users. Whether Clubhouse will be able to keep the audience engaged, and remain the go-to social network in the future is unclear. However, if the current numbers are anything to go by, we can expect to hear a lot of interesting news regarding Clubhouse in the next few months.

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